iZotope has announced the launch of the new Music Production Bundle, a software bundle for mixing, mastering, and vocal production solutions.

iZotope Music Production Bundle

The Music Production Bundle includes the all-new Ozone 7 Advanced* for delivering professional-sounding masters; Alloy for adding clarity, punch, and life to mixes; Nectar for enhancing and tuning up vocals; Trash for sonic distortion and experimentation; and Insight to visually diagnose what’s going on with your mix.

The cornerstone of this collection of award-winning plug-ins is Ozone 7 Advanced—a vintage-inspired update to our flagship essential mastering tool. New features include:

  • 4 new Vintage modules (Vintage Compressor, Vintage EQ, Vintage Tape, and Vintage Limiter) for just the right amount of vintage character.
  • New Codec Preview support lets you hear how your masters will sound to listeners who stream or buy their music online.
  • IRC IV in the upgraded Maximizer increases perceived loudness without pumping or distortion.

The Music Production Bundle is available for purchase for $549 USD through November 11th, 2015 (regular $599 USD). Customers will receive Ozone 6 Advanced at time of purchase and will be given a free upgrade to Ozone 7 Advanced when it is released in November.

More information: iZotope