Fabrizio Poce has released updates for the J74 StepSequencer64 and J74 PatDrummer, two Max for Live devices for creative beat programming and improvisation.

The update comes with many new functionalities, including device snapshots and a completely new swing/groove system.

The pack features a powerful step sequencer, the StepSequencer64 device, providing advanced features such as in-key programming, step envelope modulation, multiple parallel layers, real time (MIDI input) transposition, random (in-key) sequence generation and a programmable drum pattern-based box, the PatDrummer, able of on the fly patter editing-and-mixing, polyrhythmic sequencing, groove and random patterns.

Both devices are included in the pack and integrate naturally within Ableton Live (e.g. they both support sequence export to MIDI clip, preset saving, automation, mappings).

Changes in v1.5

  • New Swing function: completely rewritten swing function, now with 12 different and effective modes (including MPC-like swing).
  • New Snapshot System: collect and recall all settings on the fly.
  • Step Sequencer: New global functions for random step trigger and modifier selection.
  • Step Sequencer: New global editing functions.
  • Step Sequencer: Step modifier and in-key mode always remain (in-key even if combined).

The tool set (including both plugins) is available for 15 EUR (excl. VAT). The update is free for existing users.

More information: J74