Janus Lynggaard Thorborg has announced Signalizer, a free, open source audio visualization plugin for Windows and Mac.

Janus Lynggaard Thorborg Signalizer

Signalizer is a all-in-one signal visualizing package with a bunch of unique focus-points; real-time audio visualization with optimized 3D GPU graphics, everything being scalable and zoomable gridlessly as well as being arbitrarily precise in both settings and display.

Combined with a rich feature set, Signalizer is suited both for electrical/audio engineers fullscreen-inspecting signals, or for general small windows giving an overview of your audio as you create it.

Signalizer v0.2.5 features

  • General
    • Freely resizable window.
    • Fullscreen mode.
    • UI from cpl (including UI, skin and colour customization).
    • Global presets.
    • Software and OpenGL rendering engines.
    • Pure vector graphics UI.
    • Supports any DPI displays (including Retina).
    • No load on the audio thread at all.
    • Variable graphic settings, multisampling levels (hardware antialiasing), variable FPS or vertical sync.
    • Each plugin/visualizer has separate sample sizes, colouring for visualization and preset handing.
  • Vector scope
    • “3D view” of waveform, with time as z-axis.
    • Line or point rendering.
    • Lissajous- or “polar” coordinate system displays.
    • Toggleable auto-gain.
    • Balance- and phase-correlation meters.
  • Spectrum
    • Precise and classic FFT.
    • Customly developed resonating filter bank, with constant-Q behaviour and windows.
    • Choosable and tunable window functions, including none (rectangular).
    • Non-power of 2 sizes (freely scaling).
    • Tunable settings for dsp windows, interpolations etc.
    • Phase cancellations.
    • Spectrogram or spectral view modes.
    • Freely zoomable in all axes.
    • Logarithmic / linear modes.

Signalizer 0.2.5 alpha is available for download for Windows and Mac (VST/AU).

More information: Janus Lynggaard Thorborg / Signalizer