Jayzen Sound has announced a sale for its Legacy GOLD Collector’s Edition Sound Libraries.

Jayzen Sound Legacy GOLD Collector's Edition

Jayzen Sound Legacy GOLD Collector’s Edition

Legacy GOLD Collector’s Edition

  • jBass, 6 essential deep bass styles (acoustic upright, electric bass, sub bass), 302 MB Soundfont + WAV. Now $19.95 USD (regular $29.95 USD).
  • jBeat, 6 unique drum & fx kits (processed kicks, snares, hi-hat, & cymbals, ethnic maracas (with Acid Loop Set), dual 3′ congas, and steel percussion effects library), 100 MB Soundfont + WAV. Now $9.95 USD (regular $19.95 USD).
  • jBrass, 6 jazz instruments (pop brass section with flute & electric piano), 382 MB Soundfont + WAV. Now $19.95 USD (regular $29.95 USD).
  • jDrone, 7 individual drone libraries based on elemental symbols, each containing 13 unique drone tones tuned to standard Western pitches to allow their use with existing music, solo instruments, and vocals. Now $29.95 USD (regular $59.95 USD).

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