Jeffrey Klein has released version 3.03 of ClickFix, a click and pop filter plug-in, specifically designed for Adobe Audition and Syntrillium’s Cool Edit 2000 and Cool Edit Pro.

Version 3.03 adds support for Adobe Audition 3 and Windows Vista. It also has faster processing; nearly twice the speed of previous versions.

Jeffrey Klein ClickFix for Adobe Audition

Jeffrey Klein ClickFix for Adobe Audition (click image to enlarge) reader Looza writes:

This may seem rather useless because Cooledit and Audition come with a built-in Click-Remover, but (!) his plugin is much faster (about 10-15 times on my PC, especially important if you want to digitize a whole vinyl-LP) and it does a much better job at distinguishing between crackles and hard attack sounds (percussions etc.).
Also the “amount” slider does a really wonderful job, if you wish you can keep a small amount of crackling so you have the proper vinyl-feeling in your samples.
If you sample from vinyl on a regular basis or plan to digitize your vinyl-collection you should really check this plugin out.

ClickFix comes in two versions:

  1. ClickFix Lite
    • Fast, accurate click removal – ClickFix uses a proprietary statistical technique to locate clicks and pops. It does not employ edge detection or spectral analysis. This special technique results in much faster, more accurate click and pop detection than other methods.
    • Force Fix – Lets you repair short waveform defects that ClickFix cannot repair automatically, such as tape dropouts. If you prefer to repair clicks individually, Force Fix is ideal.
    • Presets – ClickFix integrates seamlessly with Adobe Audition. It has easy-to-use presets for immediate results, or you can configure the settings yourself for optimal performance.
    • On-line Help – You can click the Help button or press F1 for assistance.
    • Works with Adobe Audition, Cool Edit 2000, and Cool Edit Pro.
  2. ClickFix (full version)
    • All the features of ClickFix Lite, plus the additional features below.
    • Real-time Preview – Lets you to listen to the results while you make setting adjustments. ClickFix’s high speed makes this possible.
    • Keep Only Clicks – Lets you remove the undamaged signal, leaving only the clicks and pops, so you can see and hear what ClickFix would otherwise remove.
    • Auto/Dynamic Mode – Tells ClickFix to adjust most of the settings automatically. This improves detection and repair, and makes ClickFix even easier to use.
    • Detection and Repair Controls – When Auto/Dynamic Mode is turned off, these controls let you adjust various detection and repair parameters, giving you full control over how ClickFix detects and repairs clicks.
    • Musical Transient Rejection – Ensures that ClickFix removes only clicks and pops, and does not dull musical content such as cymbal crashes and brass entrances.
    • Multi-pass Operation – Ensures that every click and pop is eliminated.
    • Results Summary – ClickFix can optionally display a detailed summary report after processing completes. Included is the number of clicks repaired, widest click, narrowest click, average click width, and average time between clicks.

ClickFix Lite costs $19 USD, while the full version of ClickFix is $49 USD.

Visit Jeffrey Klein’s ClickFix page for more information, and links to download a trial version of ClickFix.