Jeremy Evers has released version 0.9f of Atlantis, a freeware synthesizer VSTi and Filter Delay plug-in.

About Atlantis:

Atlantis features 3 true stereo morphing oscilators, with independant width, phase, spread, chorus, tuning, volume, envelope and panning feed into a pair of filters (with your standard algorithms and a lot of unique new favorites), a shaper (distortions and beyond), and a simple room modelling multitap filtered delay system with another pair of selectable filters. The routing of the filters and shaper can also be switched into a variety of configurations for further flexibility.

Besides standard waveforms you can also import any waveform you like (.wav files) and use them for the oscilators and LFOs. Furthermore, you can control every slider paramets by any modulator. Can you spell unique sounds?

Jeremy Evers Atlantis v0.9f

Jeremy Evers Atlantis – nearly unlimited possibilities for creating new and exciting sounds

Changes in Atlantis v0.9f

  • data folder has a selectable home.
  • proper preset and bank support.
  • larger power buttons.

So now you can move the c:\chips folder created in previous versions of Atlantis to a folder of your choice. I hope the preset/bank support will encourage people to create more patches for this great synth.

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