Jeremy Evers Atlantis

Jeremy Evers has released version 0.9i of Atlantis, a freeware synthesizer VSTi and Filter Delay plug-in.

Jeremy writes:

Hani didn’t like the clicking sound the routing engine was making in filters-per-voice mode. So, I fixed it. Now filters in filters-per-voice mode are always running, just like the global filter. You may notice a slightly different decay sound- this is the filter running. Before it would stop running when the envelope decayed, and any resonance would be cut (click) and continue on the next note (click).

Jeremy notes that this will consume more CPU power in polyphonic mode. You can turn the number of voices down, or disable filters-per-voice mode entirely to minimize CPU usage (adjust these settings in the config dialog).

The monophonic and arpeggio modes in Atlantis have been optimized as well.

Visit Jeremy Evers for more information and a link to download the latest version of Atlantis (Windows PC).