Jeremy Evers Atlantis

Jeremy Evers has released version 0.9k of Atlantis, a freeware synthesizer VSTi and filter delay plug-in.

This update does not add any features but increases stability of the plug-in.

Jeremy does ask for your opinion with regards to the future development of Atlantis, so if you’re interested in this plug-in make sure to read his questions.

He writes:

There’s still so much I want to do with Atlantis for 1.0:

Complex envelopes on the oscillators are too gimmicky to be practical. I want to bring the oscillator envelopes back to the oldschool adsr days- they are easier to automate, especially in modern hosts. No one really needs native complex envelopes, that sort of thing is what host automation is for. Leave a comment here if I am wrong, because they will be changing in future versions if you don’t speak up. I may keep the modulator envelopes as is, let me know how you feel about that too.

The patch management is horrible, we’ve wanted to fix that for years, and even had an elegant online solution in the works at one point. A few people have pointed at various plugins that do it well. We had our own ideas about ways to do it here, but never got to 100%. This is an area of the program that needs serious thought. Does anyone use program changes any more? I may get rid of that whole system again as it just makes it complicated and annoying for both the user and the programmer. Let me know if you care.

Visit Jeremy Evers for more information and a link to download the latest version of the Atlantis instrument and effect plug-ins.