Jérémy Pinat has released Ton: Drum Machine, a free drum app for iPad.

Jérémy Pinat Ton Drum Machine

Ton brings a circular step sequencer and an advanced audio engine to your iPad, enabling you to create rich and modulated rhythmic sequences.

Its sound-sculpting capabilities are simple yet incredibly deep and will make even the most basic samples sound unique to your style.

Ton: Drum Machine features

  • Parameter locks: lock different audio values on sequencer steps to modulate your sequence and making it sound natural and organic.
  • Pitch parameter: tune your drums or create basslines.
  • Saturation effect: add a bit of warmth to any sample, or destroy it completely.
  • Multimode resonant filter: attenuate or boost frequencies.
  • Amplitude envelope: shape the overall silhouatte of the sound.
  • Reverb and delay: glue sounds together, from subtle to stellar.
  • Ableton Link: synchronize with other apps and devices.
  • Audiobus: send Ton’s output to other compatible apps.

Ton is available for iOS 9.3 or later.

More information: Jérémy Pinat