Jeroen Breebaart has released beta version of Red Phatt Pro and Smash Pro, two VST effect plug-ins for Windows PC.

Jeroen Breebaart Red Phatt Pro
Red Phatt Pro provides flexible and powerful dynamics processing with a broad range of features.

Red Phatt Pro features

  • Mono and stereo operation
  • Support for all sampling frequencies
  • Support for 64 bit audio data
  • Zero-latency processing
  • Mono or stereo sidechain with ‘listen’ option
  • Level detector with variable integration time and filter
  • Peak level or true RMS sensing
  • Controllable attack, hold and release times
  • Feedback or feedforward compressor topology
  • Upward and downward compression, and expansion
  • Parallel (‘New York’) compression with variable dry/wet
  • Clear display with current input/output curve and level indication

Jeroen Breebaart Smash Pro
Smash Pro provides extensive control to create a fat and warm sound. Compression, expansion, overdrive and equalization processes can be carefully controlled as a function of frequency by simply drawing (discretized) frequency curves.

Smash Pro is based on an innovative signal decomposition that allows extremely accurate analysis and modification of audio signals. During processing, the input signals are up to 40 times oversampled to allow detailed simulation of non-linear processes. This results in a very distinct and unique sound character.

Due do its flexibility, Smash Pro can be used for a broad range of processing applications, such as equalization, multi-band compression, de-essing, enriching harmonic content within certain frequency ranges, multi-band distortion, New-York style compression, and alike.

Beta versions (fully functional for a limited period) of Red Phatt Pro and Smash Pro are available for download.

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