The JUCE Team has released a major update of the framework for multi-platform audio applications.

JUCE 7 brings improved graphics and accessibility, as well as support for the Audio Random Access SDK (ARA) and the LV2 plug-in format, enabling more sophisticated audio processing workflows and access to additional platforms and communities.

Tom Poole, Director of JUCE states:

“JUCE 7 brings substantial improvements to where and how you can process audio, with the Audio Random Access SDK, LV2 support, and a MIDI 2.0 API adding to JUCE’s core capabilities as an audio processing framework. Of course great audio software is rarely about the audio in isolation, and we have also improved our graphics backend so that drawing commands are synchronised with hardware refresh rates. This gives us full compatibility with modern devices and makes rendering GUIs more efficient in all cases. JUCE 7 will make your software better.”

MIDI 2.0 support and more accessibility improvements are scheduled for JUCE 7.1.

Free for personal or educational use, JUCE 7 retains the same pricing structure as JUCE 6, and JUCE 6 subscribers will be automatically upgraded to JUCE 7 at no additional cost. JUCE 4, 5 and 6 perpetual license holders will be eligible for a 30% upgrade discount on any JUCE 7 perpetual license purchases. JUCE 5 subscribers must upgrade to a JUCE 7 subscription using their account dashboard.

More information: JUCE