Plugin Boutique has introduced Have Audio’s new Kontakt sample library Nastro Soundscapes, featuring a collection of sounds dedicated to the long-gone world of tapes and reels.

The virtual instrument has 4 independent tracks to channel your creativity. It comes with selection of 64 sound sources, with 4 playback modes and adjustable speed. Nastro Soundscapes includes 80 factory presets, 58 unique IR effects created from vintage devices, and 4 additional FX macros to control panning, EQ, compression and distortion.

NASTRO means “tape” in Italian and Soundscapes is the first release of an exciting new series, dedicated to the long-gone world of tapes and reels, bringing a powerful 4-track tape machine experience right on your computer.

For NASTRO Soundscapes, Have Audio sampled some of their favorite instruments and designed synthetic lead sounds, loops, textures, noises and arpeggios using some of the best analog synthesizers out there. Then, they re-processed all material through lots of vintage tape devices, walkmans, boomboxes, VHS and rare cassette players to get that authentic, noisy tape sound.

Available for the full version of Kontakt 6.5.2 or higher, Nastro Soundscapes is on sale for the intro price of $59 USD until June 30th, 2022 (regular $83 USD).

More information: Have Audio