Danny Majic and TNTXD have helped produce and engineer records for the likes of Eminem, Pop Smoke, David Guetta and a bevy of heavy-hitters spread across many genres. Now they have teamed up to offer JuiceBox, a multi-effect plugin designed to revolutionize the way seasoned engineers and aspiring artists alike navigate the world of production.

With their years of experience, TnT and Danny Majic thought: How can we deliver a vocal production tool to producers and songwriters that’s easier to work with? Together, they began work on JuiceBox – The Juicebox design started initially as a tool for adlibs and vocal production, but quickly evolved into something much more. TnTXD loved the concept – and expanded its application to beatmaking. The result was a multi-fx plugin with limited modulation needed so that the user can focus on creating their music, not making endless tweaks.

Amongst both veterans and newcomers, the world of production offers a Pandora’s box of open-ended tools to explore and figure out. Over their years of experience, TnT and Danny Majic are familiar with the time and energy it takes to perfect one’s sound and apply the myriad of optimization tools offered in DAW’s. Ultimately, the producers co-created a plug-in that offers professional level fx and modulation in an easy to use format on vocals, drums, synths and everything in between.

Available in VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats for Windows and Mac, JuiceBox is priced $49 USD.