Julian Ray has announced the release of two new Kontakt instrument libraries, featuring sounds of space and enigmatic atmospheres.

Starchild offers a collection of rich and beautiful outer-space textures.

Julian Ray Starchild

STARCHILD is a Sample Library for film and video game music composers and everyone, who is creating music in Space, Ambient, Experimental, Electronica, Soundtrack genres.

These emmersive, rich atmospheric sounds will bring feeling of Cosmos to any project – be it film score, game music or just a song.

Myst is all about mysterious and immersive soundscapes.

Julian Ray Myst

MYST is a Sample Library for film and video game music composers. Its immersive, mysterious and enigmatic sound textures will be helpful for creating music in Fantasy, Ambient, Experimental, Soundtrack genres.

Whether you working on film score, game OST or just small music piece, these sounds will add unforgettable atmosphere and mood.

Each of the libraries includes:

  • 100 Kontakt instruments.
  • 1,200 samples in 24-bit/44.1kHz WAV format.
  • Simple interface with two sound sources and level knobs to mix them.
  • ADSR, LPF, HPF, Pan and Pitch for each source.
  • 5 GB content.

Starchild and Myst are available for purchase for $20 USD each. The libraries requires Kontakt v5.8.1 or higher, full version.

More information: Julian Ray