Justin3am has released Necrotizing Fasciitis, a free soundset featuring 101 patches for the Bazille hybrid modular synthesizer instrument by u-he.

Justin3am Necrotizing Fasciitis

Lots of defective and unstable sounds. Even patches that start out normal can typically be mutated with performance controls (mod wheel, pressure, etc). I often use a channel of an unused multiplexer as a kind of ‘Macro’ control. If you see the +5 output going to a channel with the gain turned to 0, it’s most likely used to offset one or more other parameters.

Almost every patch uses one or more performance controls, check the patch notes for details.

Most patches have the effects off by default but I’ve set the effects in many patches to provide variations on the original sound. Again, check the patch notes.

The soundset is available for download from the u-he forum at KVR Audio.

More information: Necrotizing Fasciitis