Java based plug-in development environment jVSTwRapper has been updated to version 0.9g, adding Audio Unit (AU) support.

This is a major relase, introducing “one click multi-platform, multi-plugin-technology deployment”: jVSTwRapper has slowly grown into a multi-platform, multi-plugin-technology project. By providing native stubs for each platform and plug-in technology, a single (Java) plugin runs on three platforms (windows, linux, mac osx) and three plugin technologies (VST, AU, LADSPA) without any code changes or recompilation. No more struggling with platform specific GUI toolkits, different plugin technologies or operating system specific features. All you need is to understand two basic technologies: Java and VST. The rest is generated from a single command — please see http://jvstwrapper.sourceforge.net/#multi for more info.

Changes in jVSTwRapper v0.9g

  • Integrated with VSTAU (http://code.google.com/p/vstau/), for Audio Unit support.
  • Apache Maven integration: allows to create a .zip file from your jVSTwRapper plugin for all 3 supported platforms (windows, linux, mac osx) with a single command (again supported on every platform).
  • Compilation and deployment of the wrapper itself is now also done via Apache Maven.
  • Introduced a simple gui to show/hide the plugin when window-embedding is turned off.
  • Rewrote the gui handling: greatly improved gui stability on all platforms.
  • Fixed parameter automation bug.
  • Increased length of the ClassPath and other config entries that contain paths, now up to 5000 chars are allowed.
  • Added automation support to the JayDLay example plugin.
  • Fixed a tricky threading bug that crashed the jvm in very rare cases.
  • New example vst instrument: LiquinthVST, a polyphonic synthesizer — donated by Martin.
  • Updated list of 3rd party jVSTwRapper users and projects on the website.
  • Code cleanup.
  • Performance improvements, esp. further minimized need for garbage collection.

Visit jVSTwRapper @ SourceForge for more information.