KarmaFX Synth Modular

KarmaFX has released KarmaFX Synth 0.91, an advanced simulated analog modular synthesizer (available in Plugin pack 1.5).

KarmaFX Synth Modular 0.91b BETA changes

  • Changed the name from “KarmaFX Synth” to “KarmaFX Synth Modular”.
    This seems to be what people call it anyway
  • Added click option to ADSR envelope. On trigger this forces a value reset
  • Added declick option to Amplifier (to support quick clicky amp envelopes)
  • Changed filters kybd tracking range from [0..1] to [-2..2].
  • Patches are now saved within the song in the host. This behaviour is turned on
    by default
    but can be turned off by unchecking “Options->Store Patch in Song”
  • Added Parametric Filter with up to four LP/HP/BP/BR/PEAK/LS/HS filters in series
    adjustable frequency, resonance/bandwith, gain, modulation, and order
  • One control id can now be assigned to several knobs. The controllers name
    is set to the first assigned knob.
    When controlling more than one knob this is
    indicated by a plus sign next to the controller’s name
  • GUI: Added control panel. From the control panel it is possible to change the
    main volume, browse and store patches,
    change bank as well as patch properties.
    The 32 assignable controllers are shown in sets of 8 knobs.
    Optionally, each
    controller can be assigned to a unique midi control. The midi assignments
    are saved
    in the registry and thus only need to be setup once.
  • Added 4 new algorithms to reverb module (adapted from KarmaFX Reverb)
  • Added Midi CC support for patch changes (warning: not tested much)
  • Started SSE optimization of selected tasks. Mainly mixing for now
  • GUI: Added extra gui gfx to step sequencer to make it easier to understand
  • GUI: Double clicking on a handle in the step sequencer now resets its offset
  • GUI: Dragging an env/step handle while holding SHIFT limits movement to x-axis
  • GUI: All buttons now execute their function on mouse button release instead of press
  • GUI: Double clicking on the background now brings up the “Add component” submenu
  • GUI: Right clicking on wire-arrows now removes the wire
  • GUI: Added sample browsing to the sampler module. When loading a new sample
    the synth remembers
    the sample’s folder. Clicking the up or down arrows next to
    the sample display loads the previous/next sample
    (alphabetically) in the
    same folder
  • Bugfix: choosing New Patch->Simple Sampler now actually creates a Sampler
  • Bugifx: Patch names are now stripped to avoid invalid filenames and resulting crashes
  • Bugfix: Bypassing components in hosts with variable buffer sizes now doesn’t
    result in random noise
  • Bugfix: Step and Envelope display was updated every frame. Fixed
  • Bugfix: “Synth FX” was in some hosts wrongly given the “Synth”‘s VST id. Fixed
  • Bugfix: Midi handling fixes. Polyphonic notes don’t seem to hang anymore
  • Bugfix: In some hosts the reset caused by pressing stop/play in the host
    caused the first note to dissappear.
    To fix it output has been offset by one sample
  • Bugfix: Output clip range adjusted
  • Updated and adapted patches to the new control panel + Added a few new ones

Visit KarmaFX.dk for more information and a link to download KarmaFX Synth Modular.