KarmaFX Synth Modular

KarmaFX has released a new beta of KarmaFX Synth Modular. This version will expire August 2007.

Changes in v0.98 BETA

  • Added Additive generator module with waveform and harmonic magnitude/phase editor
  • Up to 1024 harmonics with support for user defined waveform presets
  • Added Early reflection level slider and modulation toggle-switch to Reverb module. Recoded the first four verb algorithms for better quality
  • Added BitShuffle effect module: A (1 to 16 bit) bit-cruncher where you can pick and shuffle bits. (Special thanks to Synchro for this idea)
  • Added High Quality mode to Sampler
  • GUI: Stick drawing is now linearly interpolated when dragging mouse
  • GUI: Added stereo dB meters to Input module
  • GUI: KarmaFX Synth FX (VST effect) now loads the “KarmaFX SFX” bank by default
  • GUI: Added “Bypass” option to replace menu, making it possible to remove a module while keeping the wiring
  • GUI: Switched the “Props” and “Bank” buttons in the control panel
  • GUI: Added rangescale menu to “Tune” knob in NotePitch module. Choose between 2, 12, and 24 semitone range
  • GUI: Added support for external raw skin (resource script and BMP images) for easier skin editing
  • Bugfix: Right click on modules is now disabled when dialogs are shown
  • Bugfix: Unlink of automation controls could crash the synth. Fixed
  • Bugfix: Rename of automation controls was broken in 0.97. Fixed
  • Bugfix: Clicking on “Auto Assign Midi Control” again can now be used to stop assignment
  • Bugfix: Compressor display was not updated when collapsed. Fixed

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