KarmaFX has released version 1.15 of Synth Modular, a virtual modular synthesizer for Windows and Mac.

KarmaFX Synth Modular is an advanced and highly flexible Simulated Analog Modular Synthesizer and Effect Unit.

Now, for the first time, KarmaFX Synth is also available for the Mac / OS X (Intel) / Audio Unit platform.

Changes in Synth Modular v1.15

  • Synth reverted to use the VST 2.3 interface with the 2.4 SDK under Windows.
  • Bugfix: Loading .WAV with loop-points was broken. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Synth would fail to load in older hosts under Windows XP (e.g. Cubase SX 3.x.x) due to DLL dependency. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Host parameter names would not update on Mac when renaming parameters or changing patches. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Synth now handles bogus host tempos gracefully.
  • Bugfix: Mouse right button double click was not mapped on Mac. Fixed.
  • Added simple Alt-left click mouse option to simulate right click on Mac (undocumented).
  • Mac version released.

Synth Modular is available to purchase for PC and Mac for $112 USD / 76 EUR+VAT for a single platform license. A multi-platform license is $168 USD / 114 EUR+VAT.

Registered users of the PC version can register the Mac version for $56 USD / 38 EUR+VAT (50% discount) for a limited time only. A new demo version is now also available to download (expires February, 2011).

More information: KarmaFX / Synth Modular