Karoryfer Samples has announced the release of a sample library featuring an opera mezzosoprano singing in the reconstructed Proto-Indo-European language spoken approximately 5000 years ago.

The concept of Hstr is not to accurately reconstruct prehistoric singing, but rather to provide prehistoric phonetics in a tuning and format which will be usable for modern music.

Hster features

  • Over thirty Proto-Indo-European words.
  • Syllable patches allowing the combination of syllable starts and ends for hundreds of possible syllables.
  • True sampled legato on vowel sustains.
  • Additional hummed m sustains.
  • Controllable vibrato.
  • Unison simulating the sound of three singers.
  • Over 6000 total samples.
  • 24-bits, 44.1 kHz sample rate.

Available for the free Plogue sforzando 1.971 or newer, Hster is on sale for the intro price of $19 USD until August 15th, 2022 (regular $39 USD).

More information: Karoryfer Samples