Kerfyge Audio has announced the release of the a soundset for the Serum wavetable synthesizer instrument by Xfer Records.

The Kerfyge – SRM Serum preset bank features 171 sounds and a custom skin.

Kerfyge – SRM includes 171 pro designed serum presets in 10 categories and a custom-made skin for Serum that is designed to inspire you while making music. Each sound is multi-layered.

Kerfyge Pro Skin was specifically designed for those looking to stand out from the crowd and add a sense of uniqueness to their music.

Kerfyge – SRM features

  • 24 hard and deep 808’s.
  • 20 pro bass sounds.
  • 16 angry growl sounds.
  • 18 crystal clear bells.
  • 20 hard hiting brass sounds.
  • 15 guitar sounds.
  • 16 keys with great ambience.
  • 12 pro designed lead sounds.
  • 15 knocky and big pluck sounds.
  • 16 playable vox chops “voxynth”.
  • Custom noise & wavetables.
  • Skin designed by Thenatan.

The soundset is available for $12 USD.

Also available are Keyfyge DRM, a powerful custom Kontakt engine fully equipped to spark your creativity, and the 8OOM virtual sub bass library for Kontakt. A free Lite version of 8OOM is available for download.

More information: Thenatan