KeyToSound has released a public beta of Dynamic EQ, a 64 bit, zero latency signal processor that combines the functions of a compressor with the results of an equalizer.

The combination of these features gives the Dynamic EQ an advantage over “static” equalizers in that it can respond in real time to signal input, applying equalization when it is needed, rather than all the time.


  • 4 bands with solo feature and individual gain reduction metering
  • Threshold, ratio, attack, and release settings per band
  • Frequency, bandwidth, and gain settings per band
  • Global metering
  • 12db gain output
  • A/B setting switching
  • Full automation
  • MIDI CC learn
  • Total recall

The installation comes with a comprehensive manual.

Limitations of the public beta: it runs for 15 mintues, save is disabled, random noise will occur and all automation is disabled.

Visit KeyToSound for more information.