killihu has announced the release of the Sequencer-Ki Max for Live device, a 16-track sequencer for Ableton Live.

Sequencer-Ki features

  • 16 tracks with independent length and speed, velocity and random velocity, note length beat synced and time-based, swing and random swing.
  • Selectable MIDI output notes and master transpose.
  • 16 velocity lanes, one for each track.
  • 32 envelope lanes that can be mapped to Live controls, output MIDI control changes or control the note length of the tracks.
  • Randomization of notes and envelope lanes.
  • 32 patterns that can be changed by MIDI input notes or automatic randomization.
  • Custom track names and colors.

The device is available for purchase for 20 EUR. It requires Ableton Live 10 and Max for Live.

More information: killihu