kiloHearts has announced the release a Rack Extension version of its Faturator saturation/distortion unit.

“What Faturator brings to the table is a really fast way of tuning the character of a sound, bringing out more crisp and clarity, focusing on a specific tone or, for that matter, just totally destroying it with distortion”, says Anders Stenberg, CTO. “Considering the positive response we have gotten about the VST/AU versions of Faturator it was really a no-brainer to make it available as a Rack Extension as well”

Faturator is a saturation/distortion unit, providing effects ranging from subtle warm saturation to harsh digital fuzz. On top of this, included coloring and stereo widening allows for changing the character of the sound in a quick and easy way. Contrary to many distortion effects, Faturator will preserve the dynamics of your sound and apply its effects on it regardless of input gain.

Like all kiloHearts’ products, focus lies on ease of use while providing powerful functionality at a low price point. Faturator’s simple user interface puts all controls at the fingertips of the user, making it easy to quickly find the sound you want. “A lot of plugins these days try to compete with feature lists, often forgetting that they’re part of a creative process”, says Per Svanberg, developer and co-founder. “We want to isolate the most important parts, and make them as quickly and easily accessible as possible.”

Faturator RE is available to purchase at the Propellerhead Shop, priced at 15 EUR / $19 USD.

More information: kiloHearts