Kilohearts has announced release of a new title in the Content Bank series of expansion packs. Created by Empty Vessel Sound Design, Suspension features a collection of 50 presets and 25 bespoke wavetables for the Phase Plant synthesizer.

The expansion is well suited to scoring, ambient tunes, trip-hop and downtempo, or a moody night in.

Standing at the center of the span of a wondrous suspension bridge, mist surrounding you on all sides, no cars, no wind, no sight of the earth beneath you, you begin to hear the resonant hum of the world. Or maybe you don’t. We haven’t checked. But that could be true. Suspend your disbelief for a moment.

Tension is fundamental in music and in bridge-building, and the Suspension Content Bank from Empty Vessel explores this functional sense of unease through 38 trippy, suspenseful pads, some rich keys and bass, and 25 all-new wavetables for Phase Plant. Nothing is quite as it seems. Or is it…? It might be. Or not. Grab the bank, and find out.

Suspension is available for purchase for 29 USD/EUR. It is included in the Kilohearts Subscription for free.

More information: Kilohearts