kiloHearts has updated its kHs ONE software synthesizer for Windows and Mac.

The release focuses on improving the audio quality and UI based on feedback from users. Also, a manual is released, publicly available in HTML and PDF format.

Changes in kHs ONE v1.011

  • Shift can now be held for precision dragging of knobs and sliders.
  • Envelope attack has been tweaked to allow true instant attack.
  • Envelope precision has been improved.
  • Filter response has been improved.
  • The range of unison detune and spread has been doubled.
  • Patch saving/loading is reworked.
  • A bug in the waveshaper that in some cases could lead to popping noises has been fixed.
  • In some cases the Delay display showed a ms value when 16th is selected, which has been fixed.

kHs ONE is currently available for the special price of 39 EUR (regular 99 EUR).

More information: Kilohearts