Kilohearts has announced the release of a version 1.7.4 software update of its effect and instrument plugins. The update includes many improvements and fixes for the new Phase Plant synthesizer.

This release addresses a number of bugs. Some of the bugfixes affect the DSP code. As usual, if you have used Phase Plant in your songs, we recommend that you bounce your tracks before updating to this version. Just in case!

Version 1.7.4 comes with the following changes:

  • Phase Plant:
    • Note on and note off events are now processed with sample precision.
    • Optimized the sample and wavetable scanning. Opening the browser should be a bit faster now if you have thousands of wavetables in user folders.
    • Added scrolling to the wavetable browser, to be able to see all wavetables in large folders.
    • Made it possible to drag and drop sample files onto the wavetable oscillator.
    • Redesigned the loop mode selector in the sampler to be more aesthetically pleasing.
    • Added little lock buttons to the sampler for preserving the loop, offset and root note when loading a new sample.
    • Fixed samples playing at the wrong pitch for a split second when previewing samples.
    • Fixed the sample play cursor jumping around in the UI even when the loop was turned off.
    • Fixed band limits being wrong on sloped noise (40 Hz – 40 kHz rather than the correct 20 Hz – 20 kHz).
    • Fixed LFO editor not always remembering grid settings.
    • Fixed some snapins parameters receiving modulation values from the latest voice instead of the global modulation values when in non-poly lanes.
    • Fixed wavetable oscillator being stuck in processing mode for a long time after doing many small edits in the wavetable editor.
    • Fixed a problem with Phase Plant not discovering snapins licensed via Slate Digital.
  • Slice EQ: No longer moving the filter curves and handles in the UI when they are modulated.
  • Installer: Made the offline installer properly understand subscription keys.
  • AAX: Fixed crash that could occur when moving an instance from one track to another in Pro Tools.

The updated installers are available for download now.

More information: Kilohearts