Klanghelm DC1A 2

Klanghelm Audio Plugins has released version 2 of the free compressor plug-in DC1A, and version 2.1 of DC8C, the advanced compressor effect plugin.

I’ve just updated the popular free compressor DC1A to the compression engine of its big brother DC8C 2.

DC1A 2 offers a few more tricks than its predecessor, such as compression with negative ratios and dual mono operation. Since the sound has changed, DC1A 2 has a new plugin id, so that you’re able to use V1 alongside with V2 in your projects.

DC8C has been updated too.

Changes in DC1A 2 / DC8C v2.1

  • New GUI(s), dedicated GUIs for each easy mode too.
  • New metering, much more detailed and accurate.
  • New dual mono switch for the easy modes.
  • Mac RTAS is now officially supported.
  • Less CPU consumption.
  • Removed DC offset from saturation.
  • Overall better handling of extreme settings.
  • With no oversampling selected DC8C is zero latency now.

DC1A is available to download as freeware, DC8C costs 20 EUR. The update is free for current users.

More information: Klanghelm Audio