Do you need a little break from your hard work in the studio? Klevgränd comes to the rescue with three awesome games that run right inside your DAW.

Klevgrand Kletris

We’ve put together three little games that you can run directly in your DAW as a plug-in. Two of the games also takes the incoming audio, analyzes it, and generates the game level that you play in.

Highly addictive! Not useful for anything. Runs on Mac/Windows (AU/VST only). Oh, and it’s totally free!

In Flappy Mix your aim is to fly through a cave without colliding with the ground and ceiling, which are both generated by the input audio waveform. The objective of FFT Fight is to avoid the falling objects by moving around the yellow dot. The input audio waveform generates the level. Lastly, Kletrix is a simple Tetris clone.

DAW Games is a free download.

More information: Klevgränd

Klevgrand FFT Fight

Klevgrand Flappy Mix