Klevgränd Produktion has announced the release of Grand Finale, an audio finalizer multi effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

In the realms of mastering, one can easily get lost. It is a mysterious area, surrounded by myths and legends, with its own special wizards called “mastering engineers” walking around with blessed ears. While the rest of the audio production world is slowly getting “democratized”, Mastering is still considered to be some kind of black magic. This is why we designed Grand Finale, to help anyone in need of a fast and powerful audio finalizing tool. And we think it sounds fantastic.

Grand Finale is a multi effect plug-in designed for finalizing complete mixes, stems, buses and/or individual audio tracks. The plug-in offers several modules in a pre-routed configuration. Each module has parameters to alter, and most modules offer a set of algorithms to select. These features come together to make Grand Finale a powerful tool for quickly finalizing a track, bus or mix.

(Yes, we know ‘Mastering’ means more than what Grand Finale does, therefore we’ll simply call it an Audio Finalizer)

Grand Finale (VST/AU/AAX) is available for the intro price of $29.99 USD until January 5th, 2018 (regular $59.99 USD).

Klevgränd has also updated the iOS version of Brusfri, the noise reducer effect.

The iOS version can now run in standalone mode, making it more accessible than ever to reduce noise directly in your phone. It fits perfectly together with the Voice Memo app, and can now also extract audio from videos in your Camera Roll!

The usage is as simple as always – just play back a short sample of the unwanted noise while pressing the Ear symbol, and voilà – the background noise is reduced from the whole file!

More information: Klevgränd Produktion