Klevgränd has announced the release of its latest plugin REAMP, an audio gear modeler effect that can emulate hardware such as cassette tape, tape reel and tube preamps.

The simulation uses a unique and efficient spectral saturation algorithm.

REAMP is a complex spectral saturation processor simulating a set of different analog gear in a new and unique way. Benefits of this algorithm is that it is highly CPU efficient and adds (almost) no latency, while still keeping the essence of the profiled gear.

The 7 models available are based on real analog gear individually measured in two dimensions; gain responses (-inf dB to +6 dB) at the frequency spectrum 20Hz to 20kHz. This data is used to transform input audio to output audio.

REAMP features

  • Seven handpicked profiles, based on gear we love.
  • Spectral drive and gain compensation (four bands).
  • Dry / Wet mix.
  • Plenty of factory presets.
  • Ultra low latency.

REAMP for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) is on sale for the intro price of $29.99 USD until December 19th, 2018 (regular $59.99 USD). The iOS (AUv3 only) version is on sale for $9.99 USD (50% off regular).

More information: Klevgränd / REAMP