Plugin Boutique has launched an exclusive sale on Syndt, a high quality polyphonic synthesizer instrument by Klevgränd Produktion that offers a lot of possibilities.

Klevgrand Syndt sale

The oscillator waveform can be morphed between pure sine to pure square, and supports altering of pulse width. Both the shape and pulse width can be modulated by two independent LFOs. With fine-tuned low pass and high pass filters combined with a separate filter attack setting, (optionally based on velocity) this synth can create some raw and interesting sounds.

The additional LFO can be shaped exactly as the oscillator, and optionally controls filters, gain and pitch (using a modulation wheel or just automatically). This LFO can be synchronized to a AUv3 host.

Globally there’s a nice stereo chorus, ping pong stereo delay (that also can sync to a AUv3 hosts BPM) and EQ.

Syndt (VST/AU) is on sale for just £7.50 GBP/$9.95 USD until October 30th, 2017.

More information: Plugin Boutique / Klevgränd Syndt