Klevgrand has announced an update to two of its audio plugins. Version 1.1 of the DAW Cassette tape deck effect and Modley multi-fx delay bring various improvements and fixes.

These two updates are not life-changers, but they bring some welcome additions that we find very pleasant. They are mostly a result of feedback from you all, we love receiving your input and ideas so keep it coming!

Changes in DAW Cassette v1.1

  • Added a new settings panel.
  • Bleed amount (crosstalk between channels).
  • Tape head tilt angle.
  • Noise gain and type.
  • Four-band peak EQ.
  • Now includes a few presets.
  • Various optimizations.
  • Tape head now spins in correct direction (!).

Changes in Modley v1.1

  • Added a Bitcrusher insert effect.
  • Added a Stereo width control insert (Stereoid).
  • New Feedback mode which controls the behaviour of loop insert effect.
  • The filter insert now features a bandpass type.
  • The Pitch insert now has a range knob.
  • Fixed a bug where slow synced delays could be out of sync.
  • Various improvements.

Available for macOS and Windows users, the updates are free for existing customers. iOS updates are on the way.

More information: Klevgrand