Klevgrand has announced an update to its new expressive audio synthesizer. Version 1.1 of Tomofon comes with various new additions and improvements.

This virtual instrument introduces a new “Audio Model” format capable of containing thousands of waves extracted from ordinary audio files. These waves – and how they’re structured – lays the ground for how Tomofon generates audio, resulting in a highly flexible and instantly expressive instrument that on one hand sounds very organic and on the other, like something out of this world.

Whether you want to play around with the Audio Model Starter Pack (instruments & voices) and factory presets, or import your own audio to shape your own unique soundscapes – it is fair to say that you are in for a creative journey.

Changes in Tomofon v1.1

  • Added window resizing functionality.
  • Channel Aftertouch now available as a controller input source.
  • New plugin parameter: Pitch Zone Lookup Offset – Decouples the relation between output pitch and pitch zone.
  • Added master tuning as a plugin parameter.
  • Pitch Envelope nodes can be set to zero (exact middle) by double clicking a node.
  • Model visualizations now reflects pitch zone curve settings.
  • Model Editor shows pitch of each note played near the keyboard view.
  • Added native ARM (Apple Silicon) support for AAX.

Tomofon for Windows and Mac (AU, VST3 and AAX) is priced $129.99 USD at the Klevgrand store and from distributor Plugin Boutique.