Kong Audio

Kong Audio has announced it has updated its Chinee Orchestra and Chinee Series instruments to version 2.08.

This update includes updated QIN RV 2.08 engine, and the Chinee Series individual instruments core update, plus the updated sample libraries. Also added is the new integrated x64 host support powered by jbridge.

Changes in QIN RV 2.08

  • Legato Ext bug fix.
  • Note-range display corrected.
  • Pitch Envelope Extender parameter bug fix.
  • Vienna Pro 5 compatibility improved.
  • New presets added.
  • Jbridge-powered 64-bit support implemented.
  • Free KAI instrument supported (e.g., ChineeGuZheng Classic).

All the KAI Core instruments are updated, as well as the sample content of ErHu II, JingHu, and Xun.

Kong Audio has also announced a series of no-brainer deals for its ErHu instruments.

  • No-Brainer Deal: ChineeErHu I for just 9.9 USD.
  • ChineeErHu I + ChineeErHu II for just 39.8 USD. (50% off).
  • Instant China Pack (Winds, Kong, ErHu I+II) for 159 USD. (20% off).
  • Essential China Pack (Winds, Kong, ErHu I+II, GuZheng II, PiPa, Sheng) for 259 USD. (20% off).

The sale ends on January 11th, 2013.

More information: Kong Audio