Kontaktbanks Revolver

Kontaktbanks.com has launched its website with the release of Revolver for Kontakt, an analogue synth library based on the sounds of DSI Evolver synthesizer.

The Kontakt version of Revolver is not just a conversion of the refill! It has been entirely rebuilt starting from the scratch, and thanks to the Kontakt’s advanced scripting technology we were able to create a software instrument that sounds and behaves as a real hardware!

Revolver for Kontakt features

  • 253 Kontakt patches (in 7 categories).
  • Over 1.5 GB of 44kHz/24 bit samples (1956 perfectly looped wav files).
  • 12 midi controllable knobs for realtime tweaking and for midi automation of the most important synth parameters.
  • Extensive editing techniques: multiple velocity layers, round-robin, alternate sample starts to achieve fat, lively and realistic analogue sounds.
  • Exclusive IR sample collection for the convolution reverb of Kontakt.

Revolver for Kontakt 3.5 or higher (full version) is available to purchase for 27 EUR.

A free demo (20 Kontakt patches, based on 75 MB samples / 76 instrument samples, 2 IR samples) is available to download from the Kontaktbanks website.

More information: Kontaktbanks.com / Revolver for Kontakt