KORG has released a new drum machine that offers the raw power and rich sounds of analog, the flexibility of digital voices, and an SDK for fully customizable User Custom Synthesizers.

drumlogue features a heavy-duty, dynamic sequencer, customizable effects, and intuitive controls that aim to make the drum machine a must-have in your studio to create music for any genre or style.

Combining the rich power of analog with the flexibility of digital, drumlogue provides the ultimate analog sound for your beats. Featuring newly developed analog circuitry, drumlogue builds a solid foundation for your track; it also helps you stand out with an elevated harmonic richness and thick low end.

Important parameters for each part have dedicated controls on the front panel for quick and intuitive changes – without diving into menus. For even more creative potential, each part has a wealth of further parameters accessible through a powerful onboard editing suite. Even mixing is simple, with dedicated volume controls for the analogue and digital parts.

Available to pre-order from various distributors, drumlogue is priced £549 GBP incl. VAT at Thomann.

More information: KORG