KResearch KR-Space v1.5

KResearch has released version 1.5 of KR-Space, a modular reverb-echoes based multi-effect plug-in.

KR-Space can produce a multitude of different types of effects, from traditional echoes and reverbs, to very complex soundscapes, modulation and filtering effects, resonating echoes and reflections, saturation effects and other types of effects which are not available on any commercially available plug-in of this type.

Changes in KR-Space v1.5

  • New high precision sliders and knobs (accept keyboard input).
  • Early/Late balance is now renamed to Listener position.
  • Preset compatibility with R1.1.0 and R1.2.0.
  • New skin, LED VU meters, and other various graphics and display changes.
  • New input selector with left/right/stereo instead of mono button.
  • AOSE level indicator in db.
  • Reverb level now in db instead of %.
  • AOSE/Reverb and Early/Late tab change buttons.
  • New 28 extreme drum presets.

KR-Space is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) and costs $129 USD. A demo version is available for download.

Visit KResearch for more information.