Kuassa has released a new audio plugin inspired by a signature amp of a legendary guitarist. Housed in Kuassa’s next-generation user interface, Amplifikation VVV features 3 channels and 3 amp types to bring the “brown sound“ to your productions.

What are some numbers that are closely related to heavy music? Other than the number of the beast, it’s probably this sequence of numbers: 51 and 50. Taking its name from the signature of the legendary guitarist, an inventor who has inspired the 5XXX signature guitar amplifier delivers a very specific kind of guitar tone, dubbed as the “brown sound“. The amp has become a staple of metal sound. It’s on every album with crushing and distorted guitars, such as Machine Head*, Opeth*, Testament*, Trivium*, Gojira*, and so many others!

Powered by our 3rd generation tube engine, Kuassa recreates and tweaks all three major versions of the 5XXX amps to deliver the infamous brown sound that blasts like nothing else in your DAW, the Amplifikation VVV.

Available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats, VVV is on sale at an introductory price of $25 USD instead of $49 USD.

The offer is available at Plugin Boutique and from the Kuassa store until October 2nd, 2022.