Kush Audio UBK-1

Kush Audio has released its UBK-1 effect plug-in in RTAS format.

The UBK-1 doesn’t just Compress, it generates compelling movement and dynamic motion. It doesn’t just Saturate, it softens the harsh digital edge and makes unruly or uninteresting tracks livelier and easier to mix. It doesn’t just add Density, it creates highly musical textures and rich, euphonic distortions.

The UBK-1 lets you bring ordinary sounds to life with an ingenious interface that is simple to grasp but incredibly deep and powerful. This dynamics-shaping animal will surprise and inspire you in ways that typically require expensive analog hardware, because it was painstakingly designed and meticulously tweaked for 18 months by an unapologetic analog snob. So make it as subtle as you could want, or more explosive than you thought possible; with the UBK-1, digital takes one gigantic step closer to the analog experience. Enjoy!

UBK-1 for Windows and Mac (RTAS) is available to purchase for $299 USD. AAX, VST, and AU formats coming soon.

More information: Kush Audio / UBK-1