KV331 SynthMaster

KV331 Audio has released version of SynthMaster, a virtual synthesizer plug-in for Windows.

SynthMaster is a semi-modular software synthesizer and multi-FX plug-in. As a software synthesizer, it combines many different synthesis methods such as additive synthesis, subtractive synthesis, ring modulation, amplitude modulation, frequency / phase modulation, pulse width modulation, osc sync and waveshaping. As a multi-fx plug-in, it features 8 band parametric EQ/filterbank, 16 band Vocoder, Stereo Tremolo, Stereo Chorus, Stereo Delay and Stereo Reverb.

Changes in SynthMaster v2.0.3.2

  • New: Double clicking on a knob/slider control sets its value to its default value.
  • Fix: Envelope attack/release slopes default to exponential.
  • Fix: When a plugin is instantiated, preset name and metadata information is not restored.
  • Fix: Layer 2 button is incorrectly linked to Layer 2 Filter structure parameter.
  • Fix: Layer 1 Filter Algorithm control is incorrectly linked to Layer 2 Filter Algorithm parameter.
  • Fix: Echo Ping Pong button is missing on the default skin.
  • Fix: Channel aftertouch and pitch bend changes are now filtered to have a smoother modulation signal.

SynthMaster is available to purchase for $59 USD until 31 December, 2009 (regular price $99 USD).

More information: KV331 Audio / SynthMaster