Tweakbench Ritual VSTi

Tweakbench‘s contribution to the KVR Developer Challenge is Ritual, a Bass Synthesizer VSTi.

Though Ritual is the first new VST from Tweakbench in over a year, you will probably recognize the GUI if you’ve ever used any of the other Tweakbench plug-ins.


  • Two morphable oscs
  • Custom designed cascade filter system with a feedback chain
  • LFO and Envelope modulators
  • Mod matrix

The two morphable oscillators are a key feature here. A shape knob can be set to morph the waveforms. Oscillator 1 morphs from a pulse to a crushed triangle and oscillator 2 can morph from a supersaw to a crushed sine. The supersaw waveform used in Ritual is a completely original design as well.

Top quality as expected from Tweakbench!

Ritual is not on Tweakbench‘s website yet so get it at the KVR Developer Challenge page.