KX77FREE KXOMNI-600 v2.0

KX77FREE has released KXOMNI-600 v2.0, a freeware synth made with SynthEdit extended with Xavier’s own sem modules written in C++.

New in version 2.0

  • filter KX LPF
    • adjust resonance freely
    • noise modulation support
    • adjustment of the cut-off frequency is more precise (5v=440hz, 6v=880hz)
    • 4 new modes: HQ, HQS, HQM, HP
  • SE filter was removed and replaced by a bypass, if you do not want to use the filter that saves CPU
  • new curves of the envelope generators of Vcf and the oscillators
    The curves have a mode L which is a compression of the envelope generator signal, the Eg level is reached more quickly and it is maintained longer
  • mode L also exists for Vca (“comp” parameter)
  • oscillator waveshapers incorporates a bypass and the Exp-Inv++ curve was optimized (CPU saving)
  • oscillator filters have mode HQM and also a bypass (CPU saving)
  • replace vu-meters by an oscilloscope, analyzers of frequency, LEDs
  • distortion with an feedback adjustment and an ON/OFF(CPU saving) added the the fx section

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