KXOMNI-600 v3.0

KX77FREE has updated KXOMNI-600 to version 3.09.

KXOMNI-600 is a hybrid synth created in SynthEdit.

Updated in v3.09

  • Improvement of ADSR modules (the default time of the parameter “Sart level=0.0” is now of 1 ms)
  • Orion/FL bug is solved
  • Improvement of the skin and all the knobs helps
  • Adaptation of KXMOD system of the v2 version to the v3 version, now this one modulates the voices in continuous
  • Addition of the parameter “Kxmod on”, that makes it possible to gain from 5% to 10% of vst performance* (off)
  • Addition of the control of Decay by the velocity (Vcf, Vca)
  • The “Tuto” presets have help text written in the block “Preset Infos” of “KXMOD” panel

The download includes two files, one for the SSE version and another one for the NO SSE version.

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