LANDR has announced that its mastering service now uses Synapse, the most sophisticated AI mastering engine that allows you to get crisp, professional, release-ready music in minutes.

LANDR Mastering lets you share your music the way it’s meant to be heard with consistent, professional sound across different devices and streaming platforms.

And now with Synapse, the most sophisticated AI mastering engine yet, you can create crisp, professional, release-ready music in minutes. Put the power of 19 million mastered tracks behind your music.

The engine delivers an improved sound quality with tighter, more focused lows, additional depth and dimension, and increased clarity across all frequency ranges.

Synapse’s compression engine is now able to react to a far wider range of dynamic inputs to deliver intelligent gain reduction for any type of source sound. This even includes subtle material with less obvious transients. It means the compression used in your master is more closely tailored to the track’s basic musical qualities.

Furthermore, Synapse is fine-tuned to deliver the best possible performance at high loudness settings. These critical ranges are challenging even for experienced human mastering engineers, but optimizations to Synapse’s AI make it possible to achieve them with confidence. More options are available to customizate the characteristics of your track with mastering styles and intensities or go for a specific sound with reference mastering.

Various subscription plans are available, and you can try LANDR with 2 free masters per month with a free account.

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