Hot on the heels of an acquisition announcement by European pro audio manufacturer Heritage Audio, LANG Electronics Inc. has introduced its PEQ-2 Program Equalizer, porting one of the most desired equalizers of all time to the 21st Century by making it available again to all as a brand-new piece providing problem-free access to some of the sweetest-sounding tones and textures the industry has ever heard.

The huge, clear layout makes the PEQ-2 enjoyable to use and quick to dominate. Within no time you’ll be improving your tracks with very natural, musical frequency processing. The PEQ-2 has nearly twice as many frequency options to choose from…26 compared to the Pultec´s 14. The low end is infinitely more controllable as the LANG gives you the ability to Boost and Cut at different frequencies, unlike the Pultec.

With independent controls for Boost and Droop (Cut) of the High band you can quickly transform your material in interesting, creative ways that you have almost certainly never considered before. There is also an HF Boost Bandwidth control to adjust the frequency range covered by the boost. Once you’ve found out how to mold your mixes with these you’ll wonder how you ever managed before.

The PEQ-2 Program Equalizer is shipping and available via parent company Heritage Audio’s growing global network of dealers, priced 999 EUR (including VAT) / $899 USD.

More information: Heritage Audio