Le Lotus Bleu Add Cell One

Le Lotus Bleu has released Add Cell One & Two, two expansion packs for Korg Legacy Cell.

The patches make full use of Korg’s filters. Not only do they have full volume calibration and well tuned destinations for the modulation wheel, they also come with all sliders preprogrammed in the Legacy Cell graphic interface, so that you don’t waste time to turn random knobs.

Add Cell features

  • Add Cell One: pads, orchestral sounds, splits and fx.
  • Add Cell Two: bass, keys and leads instruments.
  • Bonus presets (check the presets list for details).

Add Cell One and Two are available as a download for 9.57 EUR each.

Until June 1st, the banks will include Bonus presets (around 50 additional presets are available if you purchase the two banks, but each bank contains its own bonus presets).

Visit Le Lotus Bleu for more information and audio demos.