Voice controlled Pong – open source Max/MSP patch


Jan Kees van Woesik and Patrick Brouwer have made a system to control Flash with audio.

Jan Kees writes:

We have created an alternative approach for this (worldwide) known problem. We made a MaxMSP patch that does the FFT analysis and sends a OSC package to flash (with the help of a small java application). MAX/MSP sends the Amplitude and the pitch of a stereo signal (left and right). So, now we could use the input of the microphone to make a two-player game. If you only have one input they will both send the same data. In fact you will only get four parameters in flash, you can do whatever you want with it (be creative)!

AV controller PongJames Howard Young’s modified Pong, using microphone input and live video tracking

Check 6 Angry Men for more information and a link to download the source files (Creative Commons Share Alike 3.0 License).

Shreddage 3 Stratus

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how do you play this


You need Max/MSP to run the patch, but I see the link is no longer working so I’m not sure where you can still get it…

jin-hee park
jin-hee park

Hi. l am korean student. l’m very impressed of your working. I want to learn how patcher worked it. I wil be waiting for your answer. Can you show me working process? If your answer is ‘Yes’, send E-mail to me ASAP.
Thank you^^!


Since the original blog is no longer available, you could check (and contact) Jan Kees here http://blog.base42.nl/