SoundGym has announced Stereohead, a new audio ear-training game that was added to SoundGym’s platform.

Stereohead is designed to help music producers and engineers listen and identify the stereo-width of stereophonic audio sources, so they can make more accurate panning decisions while producing and mixing.

How to play Stereohead? Two audio sources are panned to the opposite sides. Players have to detect how wide is the stereo image, from 100% stereo to dead-center. Accurate answers are needed to level-up and progress.

Stereohead is the 18th sound game on SoundGym. It is a Pro game (available for SoundGym Pro members). Stereohead is free for all during the weekend (until December 20th) to try out.

SoundGym basic membership is free, and pro membership costs $24.95 USD/month or $119 USD/year. It unlocks the full training program, including more sound games, personalized audio workouts, focused training, premium sounds, and much more.

More information: SoundGym