Les Productions Zvon

Les Productions Zvon has released two sample sets for Kontakt 3, Chromatic Hits and Sidekick Electronic Percussion.

The Kontakt 3 version of Chromatic Hits features 211 instruments. The first 101 instruments correspond to the programs of the original version. The other 110 make use of Kontakt 3 features (layers, velocity layers, cycle groups and random groups).

Sidekick Electronic Percussion features 285 sounds including 152 with velocity layers (from 2 to 8, average 4 or 5) for a total of 809 samples, all created with various soft synths.

Zvon writes:

I wanted to create percussions that not only would sound great and offer versatility when sequencing. But that would also be fun to play in realtime on a keyboard or a drum pad with the velocity layers.

Chromatic Hits for Kontakt 3, including Soundfont + sfz formats, has a special introductory price of $29.99 USD (normal price is $34.99 USD). Sidekick Electronic Percussion for Kontakt 3 is available for $9.99 USD (GigaStudio 3 version available for $11.99 USD).

Visit Les Productions Zvon for more information and demo sounds.